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Neurofeedback is a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free way to train brain activity and the activity of the Central Nervous System (CNS).

The activity in your brain determines everything you feel and do.

While most people have normal brain function, they still have brain imbalances or chronic emotions that affect their day to day life. This is where neurofeedback can help.

Neurofeedback helps to regulate the brain and CNS, greatly enhancing well-being, enabling personal transformation and helping you get the most out of life, whatever that is!

When we are well, it’s because our nervous system is functioning well. When it’s not functioning optimally it will show up in a range of different ways, depending on the individual.

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Some of our clients, adults and children, come to us with many different signs that their brain is not functioning optimally and has become disorganized, from a wide variety of causes or triggers.

Others clients come to enhance peak performance, such as athletes, artists, musicians and business professionals.

Neurofeedback can help keep your brain and CNS fit and organized, helping improve mental acuity and focus, helping you feel more relaxed, calmer, more confident, and in general, helps you become more flexible and resilient so you can better cope with whatever stress and difficulties are in your life.

Neurofeedback can be part of your Fitness Program - eat right, train your body, train your brain!

Some signs that a brain is not functioning well are: memory problems, poor performance on tasks, difficulty sleeping, feeling low or sad, difficulty paying attention, overactivity, feeling anxious, addictions, headaches, migraines, catching cold and infections, irritability, feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Some of the reasons our clients seek us out are because they noticed their brain and CNS suddenly or gradually stopped functioning well, for example, after an accident or a traumatic event. Or they noticed that their child or family member isn’t thriving as well as they could be, maybe since birth or maybe their memory is failing as they age.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve heard about neurofeedback but don’t know much about it. We were like that only a while ago too! What is neurofeedback? How does it work? What are the benefits? are questions we had and we often hear. Please give us a call or email, or book an Initial Neurofeedback session to learn more.

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In July and August, Guelph Neurofeedback will have reduced in-office hours. Read more here.

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Catharine offers easy to use, neurofeedback systems and a pricing formula designed to make renting affordable and accessible for you and your family. Find out about Guelph Neurofeedback’s rental options here.

Payment by credit card with Catharine now available! Read more under Rates and Rentals

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