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About Us

About Catharine Reynolds Hamilton

For over 25 years, I've been using natural approaches and medicines for my own health care, and that of my family and friends. I am sensitive to medicines and many mainstream medical procedures. I get easily overwhelmed by too much sensory stimulation. I enjoy being in nature and peaceful environments. Although I perceived these characteristics as a weakness growing up, I'm now seeing the strength in being sensitive.


After all, this is why I've been working in alternative health all my life, a journey where I have learned so much, met many fascinating and courageous people. And this has brought me to the work I do now, NeurOptimal neurofeedback, which excites me and which I love!

In the early 1990s, after my children were born, I studied Homeopathy and Heilkunst. Click here to learn more about Heilkunst, a remarkable and comprehensive medical approach. For over 15 years, I had a private practice, working with clients to enable their healing journey in body, mind and spirit.

In 2016 I  trained in NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback, NeurOptimal is a tool that helps organize the brain, restoring balance and helping you function more effectively. NeurOptimal is considered by many to be the most advanced neurofeedback system in the world.

Why did I switch from Heilkunst to NeurOptimal? Because I had a break-through in own my health that was life-changing!

For six years I experienced chronic pain from osteo-arthritis in my left hip. Mainstream medicine could not help me except to prescribe painkillers, which I knew would make me feel bad. My Nurse Practitioner at the time told me I'd have more success in the alternative health field! I worked with several Heilkunst colleagues, a couple of osteopaths, pelvic health physiotherapists, to mention a few, over those six years. I took supplements, homeopathic medicines, and Advil, to combat the pain. I learned a lot about myself which was good but the pain didn't decrease much.   

By the time I tried NeurOptimal, I was in pain 80% of the time and it was a seven or eight out of ten in terms of intensity. I had stopped many of my favourite activities like biking, tennis, downhill skiing because of the pain and limited mobility, and was limited to shorter outings (car trips, hikes, cross-country skiing). And I expended most of my energy in getting through each day. I wasn't sleeping well, I was anxious, I was depressed...

After my first NeurOptimal session, the pain in my hip went down to 30% of the time, and to a two to three out of ten. Slowly the pain has gone until now I only have occasional twinges. My depression and anxiety are almost gone completely, I sleep well most nights, in short — I've got my life back. I still have osteo-arthritis and limited mobility, but having no pain to very little pain has meant renewed energy levels, ability to enjoy life again and renewed hope for the future.

After all the years of working as a homeopath and heilkunst practitioner, to find this NeurOptimal system that enables symptoms to fall away effortlessly and easily, was a game-changer! I thought of many of my clients who might also benefit from such changes and improvements. And so, in May 2016, I bought a NeurOptimal system, in June 2016 I became a Trainer, and began offering NeurOptimal sessions in Guelph. And thus Guelph Neurofeedback was born...

The benefits from NeurOptimal neurofeedback for my clients have been remarkable and wonderful. Please click HERE to read about some of their testimonials.

My son, Charles, works alongside me. He is a a fully qualified NeuOptimal trainer, with Basic Certification and Advanced Certification.

About Charles Hamilton

Over the two decades that I have been alive, I have learned a few things. One of those being that brain health is often overlooked when discussing wellness.


I started using NeurOptimal in the fall of 2015, and experienced a noticeable shift. I'm a gamer and it changed my behaviour, not only online, but in the rest of my life, to such an extent that I found myself more and more interested in understanding the way the body and mind interact.

As a gamer, it is crucial that you are able to efficiently navigate unexpected or unusual circumstances. While in traditional sports, where such training is largely physical, eSports is less reliant on physical fitness (although it is often overlooked entirely — to the detriment of the player) and so requires you to be sharp of mind. Ideally, I would love to work with young gamers like myself, who take pleasure in the challenges of the gaming world.

I received my certification from NeurOptimal in the summer of 2017, and have since been working as a trainer in Guelph, Ontario.