Book a Session


Book an appointment on-line

You can book a NeurOptimal neurofeedback session on-line by clicking the button below and following the instructions. 

For new clients: book your Initial Free-Trial Session! Click on Book a Session below and follow the instructions.

Book an appointment by phone or email

You can always book a NeurOptimal neurofeedback session by email or phone, if you'd prefer.

Phone:  226-979-1151    

I aim to return calls in 24 - 48hrs. Please note that if you call
on the weekend, your call will be returned on Monday.

Other types of appointments:

  • A 20-30 minute free chat (by phone or in person). If you are a new client and have questions, or if you've already had some sessions and have questions. We're happy to explain the NeurOptimal system to you
  • For new clients, you get an initial free trial-session, to see what it's like before deciding if this is for you. See above.
  • A 30-minute appointment to pick up a NeurOptimal rental unit and learn about how to use it. There's no cost for this appointment but your payment for the rental unit will be due at this time. See here for further information about renting. 

Special Request:

Given the nature of  life, the brain and NeurOptimal, we understand that sometimes you might want an appointment at short notice or may need to cancel an appointment at short notice. we aim to be flexible and understanding, and ask in return that you read  the following requests regarding contacting me:

If the appointment date is more than 24hrs away,  to book a session or an appointment or to cancel one, please contact me by email or phone, or use the online booking button above.

If the appointment date is within the next 24 hrs, please text or phone me. 

If you are running late and it's convenient and/or safe to contact me, please text me or phone. Otherwise just come late and we'll manage :)

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