Rent a NeurOptimal® tablet and use it in the comfort of your own home, for your family and friends.  Many clients like to rent because it’s the cheapest way to have a NeurOptimal® session. You can get a session for $40 by renting the Basic Package. If you have a family, renting is convenient - no need to get everybody into the car, just run it at home. For clients who live out of town, renting might be the only option.
We offer a special package for existing clients, who might just want a few sessions to restore balance.

4 Options for renting:

Basic Package: 20 sessions over 4 weeks
$800+HST ($40/session+HST)
Medium Package:
15 sessions over 4 weeks
$750+HST ($50/session+HST)
Lite Package: 10 sessions over 4 weeks
$600+HST ($60/session +HST)

For existing clients only
Booster Package
: 5 session over 1 week
$225+HST ($45/session +HST)

Please contact Catharine for more information at or call 226-979-1151
Click for location and directions to Guelph Neurofeedback

If you live out of town and would prefer to use a shipping courier service for pick-up and delivery, please ask me. Shipping costs are in addition to the rental rates.

Rentals are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please contact Catharine to put your name on the rental waiting list. No cancellation fee.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Payments can be made by cheque, cash or Interac E-transfers (Canada only).

Purchase your own NeurOptimal®system

Purchase your own NeurOptimal® laptop or tablet, from NeurOptimal®, with our assistance.   A great solution for families! This allows you and your family members to access NeurOptimal® sessions to train your brain as needed for as long as you like, in the comfort of your own home. Or start your own NeurOptimal® business?

We’re happy to discuss your purchase options and to answer any questions you have about buying a system. We were newbies too and appreciated the help we received at the time.

For further information about purchasing, click NeurOptimal Store.

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